For customers

Walking the strip

What is this all about?

This whole campaign is about showing people how great Vic Park is! Optus Stadium is brand new, and people are about to attend their first events, and are wondering where they should go before and after for a bite to eat, or a cold pint. We want Vic Park to be top of everyone's mind, and help to create long-standing traditions. Pint and pizza at the 'Brokes' before the footy anyone?

The people who live here know how awesome it is, but does the rest of Perth? With a massive selection of tasty, affordable dining options from the four corners of the globe, the Town of Victoria Park has so much to offer and we want everyone streaming in to Optus Stadium to take a look around the neighbourhood.

Our local businesses have been really keen to get in on the action and are offering special discounts and deals for Optus Stadium event ticketholders, making us not only the most diverse, but the most affordable destination for your pre and post-event dining.

Where do I get a discount?

There are several participating venues who are offering different things including discounts or free additions. View the list of venues involved and their offers on the Eat page.

Do I need to be attending an event to claim the discount or offer?

Yes, you must be attending an event at the Optus Stadium on the same day you want to redeem an Eat Ride ‘n’ Enjoy offer or discount at participating venues.

How do I redeem my offer?

You must present your Optus Stadium event ticket (in print format or electronically), showing the date, to participating venue staff, to be eligible for an offer. You can read the full terms and conditions here. Each venue presenting an offer may also apply their own set of terms and conditions. Check venue websites for details.

Where can I park?

Parking is limited in the Town of Victoria Park and we strongly encourage you to catch public transport where possible or park and ride from a station close to you. If you must drive, you can park for free at Curtin University on weekends and after hours, and catch the high-frequency special event bus (Route 657) which goes from Curtin, via Albany Highway right to Optus Stadium. For more information about timings and the bus route visit the Transperth website.

Can I walk from the train station?

Yes. The Armadale train line includes several stops that are walking distance to the Albany Hwy café strip and other precincts.

Albany Highway

Oats Street Train Station – 20 minute walk to East Victoria Park.

Carlisle Train Station – 15 minute walk to East Victoria Park.

Victoria Park Train Station – 10 minute walk to Victoria Park.


Victoria Park Train Station – Five minute walk to Gallipoli Street, Lathlain

Victoria Park Train Station – 15 minute walk to Lathlain Place


Carlisle Train Station – Five minute walk to Archer Street, Carlisle 

How long is this running for?

This campaign will run till 30 July 2018. This is a trial, initiated by the Town of Victoria Park, and businesses may choose whether they continue to offer discounts independently beyond 30 July 2018.